Wellness Check up

Using principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we provide medicinal therapy and nutritional guidance to help you manage chronic health ailments. 

Depending on your body's constitution and health history, we will create individualized meal plans to help you with: stress, improved digestion, menstruation, immunity, and detox of weight management. A diet that is rich in seasonal, whole foods, is important to maintain, restore, and nourish the body. Where needed, we can include an herbal and/or supplement regimen to better support your short-term or long-term health goals. 


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You, me, and Dr. Sun!
Together we will work to identify how to adjust your body's Yin-Yang and Elemental balance. Chinese medicine herbal formulas will be prescribed by Dr. Sun and if desired, can couple our food counseling. 


  • First, an initial consultation: Let's get to know each other! Personal medicine needs personal time. I will send some information ahead of our call to ask you about your medical history and we'll talk about what you want to work on! Gut health, pre-natal, hormonal imbalance, you name it 

  • Next, a preparatory herbal cleanse: To help your body begin to reset BEFORE our healing journey together, we will begin with a 3-7 day "detox" focused on eating simple foods and drinking specific herbal teas I will prescribe. This is important because it helps prepare the body to receive all of the new vital nourishment we will begin to incorporate over the coming week. 

  • Coaching: Each week you will receive food therapy instructions, nutritional guidance, and medicinal herbal recipes specific to your health goals. 

  • Weekly Self-reflection: You will be asked to complete a TCM-diagnosis-based accountability diary. Together, we will review the week patterns and provide and signs of potential in-balances to inform the coming week's treatment plans to achieve long term and short term goals. 


    The more we become aware of our bodies and listen to the little signals it  constantly sending us, the more proactive we can be about our health and well-being. Not only does it start with making conscious food choices, but by finding the right type of nourishment and seasonal approach, so we can feel better and live our fullest Selves!


    Check-in with your body during seasonal shifts. Your wellness routine should typically change 3-4x throughout the year. It's important to notice what your body needs to best support you for the coming days ahead. 

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