A story of culture, family, and tradition.

My earliest memories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) began in the living room of my childhood home, where my dad, Dr. Sun, held his first Acupuncture space. 

At a young age, I saw the myriad of traditional Chinese herbs he would put together for improving the health of his patients.  After immigrating to New York City from Shanghai in the 1970s, my parents, like many other immigrants of New York, left everything they ever knew, to build a brand new life from scratch.

For me, as a first generation American-born-Chinese kid growing up in NYC, it was hard to understand why my parents didn't pack me Capri-suns and Fig Newtons in my lunchbox.

I was taught to always drink warm water no matter what, make sure my feet were never freezing cold, and to listen to my body and treat it well. 

While having practiced Chinese Medicine for a lifetime with my dad, it wasn't until a few years ago that I truly started to feel like I wanted to step into this world and be a champion of this beautiful, complex, and deeply connected world of ancient healing and wisdom.

My friends and family were all beginning to seek holistic and alternative forms of health, and they would come to me and I would send them to my dad.

My inspiration for Sun for Soul came at a point when I saw the wellness industry seem to explode with all sorts of Qi Balancing, Yin Boosting, He Shou Wu touting products for this-that-and the other. Appalled by the lack of direction consumers face today in navigating "what wellness products should I take and why."
I felt the need to step up and bring clear and medically supported guidance in navigating the natural way to being well.

I am making a step towards building a lineage of Traditional Healers and continuing the legacy that my dad, Dr. Sun, has created. This is inspired by a life long learning of my own culture and heritage that came thousands of years before me. And together we will learn, appreciate, and share the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Welcome to a world of inspiration: here to teach you how to listen to your body, feed it what it needs, and give you the tools to understand how to rebalance the yin to your yang with everyday foods.

Modern Chinese Wellness, from my family to yours.

NY Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Sun's private practice

Dr. Jiaji Sun L.Ac


Graduate of New York University B.Sc Bio-engineering and Clinical Nutrition

Shen Zhou Open University of TCM

Jennifer Sun