par Jennifer Sun juin 03, 2020 2 min read

Each organ in the body has a certain emotion. For anger and impatience, this is related to the Liver. The Liver is responsible for storing and cleansing the blood. When the liver is out of balance, it can become blocked.

A blocked or stagnant liver can be characterized by emotional signs that include: repression, impulsiveness, impatience, moodiness, edginess, depression, frustration, and anger.

With the recent society events that have seem to explode across the US during this time, it's totally natural to feel anxious. This is because we're all connected as whole - to each other and our surroundings. And while I am not home in New York, I can feel weight of the energy in my body all the way here in Amsterdam.

Thankfully, I have a set of natural tools that I know to access to help me stay grounded so I can continue to help and heal those around me.

How I respond to feelings of anxiety, stress, or restlessness: 

  • Using imagery as a form of self-healing : a deep part of my practice has been with the works of Bonnie Buckner and I cannot say how impactful her work has had on me. Our bodies are beautiful and unique vessels and we can always find a way to set ourselves free. Please check out her site and listen to her podcast for all things on

  • Making conscious food choices that invite stillness to the body: spicy, heavy, and rich foods are best to be avoided during this time as your body might already be heated and agitated. The best way to reduce the inner "heat" of your body is to specifically eat cooling foods and herbs. These can include
    • dandelion greens and root, nettles, cilantro, peppermint tea, honeysuckle flowers (very cooling so don't over do it)
    • mung beans, alfalfa, millet, barley, amaranth, lettuce, cucumber, celery, asparagus, pears
    • avoid alcohol by all means - if you're angry, irritable, alcohol is like adding fuel to the fire
  • Associating emotional in-balances as a call for deep healing of the Liver: for a long time, I was really mad my mom would respond to my temper tantrums with "you need to clean your liver." I was literally rolling my eyes into the back of my head and couldn't listen to her foo foo recommendations all through my childhood. But now I know each organ has emotion, and if we all lived with an understanding of the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine, we would have a much better understanding of why extreme emotions of any kind (anger, joy, grief, worry, fear) indicate an organ in balance.

As a lifelong student of Chinese Medicine, I see this practice that has developed over 3500 years evolve and reshape itself into the way human kind needs for it to be, at any given time. And again, today, we are reminded of what the many inbalances that surround us at any given time - and we can choose to reflect, respond, or heal at given time.

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