Your body as a Garden: Healing the 5 Elements within You

Discover how to rebalance Your Elements and achieve healing for the body with everyday foods.

5 Mondays together, starting June 22.


What are the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

The Ancient Chinese believed that the cycles of nature and the 5 seasons have a deep connection to the chronobiology of the human body. This belief is rooted in the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the 5 Elements Theory.

The 5 indispensable materials needed for life on earth include: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. In TCM, this Elements Theory is used to classify the human body's physical structure, to explain the functions of the 5 Zang Organs, and to remind us of the cyclical phases of life within us. 

When we begin to look at our body as a connected whole and as a smaller cosmo of the larger cosmo, we can begin to see similarities in the patterns of our body, just as we see them in Nature. We can begin to understand how to take a more holistic and seasonal approach to achieving balance, through all stages of life.

Additional Details:

*Optional add-on (please email for price): 1:1 coaching for 5 weeks to help you to understand your personal needs through TCM diagnosis techniques. I will look at your Elemental Composition and assess your symptoms to work with you to develop sustainable conscious eating habits and based on your. If you are interested in bundling this offering with this course, please email me.

*Special situation prices are available. Please email to tell us more about your circumstance and email to inquire.