Food for Soul | Winter Edition | Saturday December 9 / Sunday December 10

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Sun for Soul is excited to present this seasonal medicinal food series that introduces traditional Chinese medicine healing through locally foraged Dutch ingredients. We are partnering with local chefs in Amsterdam to bring a contemporary approach on Chinese medicine cooking.

What is food as medicine?

In China, one can discover Yao Shan 药散, which literally means medicinal foods.  Many of my patients and clients as me how one should eat when embarking upon a Chinese medicine healing journey. I realized how much of the every day food healing is so ingrained in the culture, and now that these modalities have reached the west, there is a need to bridge the West and East through foods. 

My philosophy on food as medicine has always been the same - every day, we have the opportunity to heal ourselves three times a day. We can influence our bodies in small amounts if we can understand what it needs - this can be daily, but can be done seasonally. This might require some observing and getting to know your body and it's patterns of your body through the changing seasons.  

This seasonal food series aims to help you understand why we use certain foods at different times of the season to bring the body closer to the natural transformation within. 

What to look forward to in this seasonal food series

01/Autumnwill focus on the Lung - build immunity, restore Yin after a vibrant spring and summer, and help prepare the body for colder times ahead. 

02/Winterwill focus on the Kidney - to build our deep energy reserves, spending the darker times to look inwards, and prepare the body for spring. 

03/Spring will focus on the Liver - to bring a fresh detox the liver and prepare the strength needed for the rest of the year.

04/Summerwill focus on the Heart - nourish the mind and the invigorate the blood, bring blood circulation and support mental activity.

05/Late Summerwill focus on the Spleen - after a long summer, the energy has been consumed and digestive health needs an extra boost. We want to nourish the water circulation function and transformative energy of the Spleen and Stomach. 


Meet the Chef: Sicco Peeters

Born and raised in the east of the Netherlands, Sicco grew up foraging, fishing, and spent his childhood tending to the family farm with his mother. After moving to Amsterdam, Sicco decided to pursue his dream of becoming of chef. He has spent the past 10 years cultivating his culinary skills. His expertise ranges from working in community kitchens, pancake houses, to foraging and cooking for high end restaurants. He is passionate about sharing the benefits of foraged foods in the city and helping city dwellers discover the abundance of nature in our own backyard, Amsterdam.

Meet your Host: Jennifer Sun

My personal connection to food as medicine is the origin of this company: Sun for Soul. In 2018, I launched my first CPG product in Brooklyn New York, infusing sprouted seeded Almond butters. Since I started my company, I have always felt a strong connection to using food as way to connect to our bodies. I have a passion for sharing more information about the cultural and medicinal practices in Chinese Medicine food therapy and I hope to share my cultural heritage and healing-in-the-kitchen kitchen techniques through these dinners.


Preview to the Winter Menu

•clam and chinese winter melon soup with hawthorne, corn, and reishi 
•lamb stew with wild maitake, mung bean, blackthorne, chestnut, carrot
•poached pear with medicinal Chinese herbs, elderberry compote, and silken tofu creme  
•1 beverage + 1 wine included


Where & When (TWO OPTIONS)

Saturday December 9  @ 18:30 at Willemstraat 171, 1015JC Amsterdam 
Sunday December 10  @ 18:30 at Willemstraat 171, 1015JC Amsterdam 

    The Fine Print: This event is limited to 10 participants.
    Due to the nature of using local and wild ingredients, some ingredients may deviate from the above menu. Because the menu is seasonal and ingredients are fixed, we cannot accomodate food allergies or dietary restrictions. 

    Take it home: All participants will receive a Medicinal Herb Kit, so you can make your own broths at home!