Nutrition and Food with Traditional Chinese Medicine

An introduction to 5 Element Food Therapy and Seasonal Herbal Remedies  

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This three week Healing with Food course is inspired by the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 5 Elements, and always finding ways to balance our inner Yin-Yang through food therapy. We cover the basics of Elemental Food Therapy and how to eat for the seasons. You will learn how to identify signs of your own body imbalance and how to restore harmony with healing foods.

  • Week 1: Gain an introduction to the 5 elements theory of Chinese Medicine, common TCM diagnostic techniques, and how to apply self-diagnosis techniques at home to learn about your body type. We introduce what is Yin-Yang in nature, your body, and how these TCM classifications are classified amongst foods.

  • Week 2:  Learn about the 5 tastes and flavours of Traditional Chinese Medicine and which foods ingredients you should focus on eating depending on your body type and depending on the season. 

  • Week 3: Live cooking demo! We share 10 ancient healing recipes from the Sun family's kitchen and introduce medicinal ingredients commonly used for seasonal healing in Chinese Medicine Kitchens.
    Stay 'til the end for a LIVE-Tongue diagnosis with Dr. Sun where he will provide a TCM recommendation for your body type.
    *All classes will include PDFs and Reference guides for you to practice this at home.

Class Details 

  • Time: 19:00 Central Europe / 1:00 PM Eastern US
    Duration: 50 minutes 
  • Your contribution: €68 Euros / $80
  • Who: All classes will be taught by me (Jennifer Sun) with guest appearances from Dr. Sun. If you are interested in this class and would like to attend this at a later time in the year,  please email me.



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