Seasonal Balance: Autumn Edition

Seasonal Transitions from Summer to Fall

5 elements herbal remedies gut health course chinese herbal medicine



  • Metal and Autumn: Gain an introduction to the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine learn about how the season of Metal corresponds to Autumn and the Lung/Large Intestine Organ network. 
  • Seasonal Attunement with Food: Learn about which foods, flavors, or tastes you should focus on to better attune your body. 
  • Recipes: We'll share common herbal remedies and teach you 3 ancient healing recipes from the Sun family's kitchen to introduce medicinal ingredients commonly used for seasonal healing in Chinese Medicine Kitchens.
    *All classes will include PDFs and Reference guides for you to practice this at home.

Class Details 

  • When: Mondays from 21 September
    Time: 19:00 Central Europe / 1:00 PM Eastern US
    Duration: 60 minutes 
  • Your contribution: €30 Euros / $38 USD
  • Who: All classes will be taught by me (Jennifer Sun) with guest appearances from Dr. Sun.