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Growing up in a traditional Chinese household, my mother was always nourishing our family with various teas and soups. She has always taught me to take care of my body, and most importantly, preserving beauty and nourishing my feminine Yin. My after-school meal definitely didn't look anything like a Capri-Sun PB&J situation, but various blends of red bean soups and chinese date infused teas, great for stimulating blood circulation and keeping my body warm inside and out. Here is something simple that you can try at home!

What is in this soup and why is it good for you? 

A Yin nourishing food, this white edible dried mushroom that has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine is great for nourishing and moistening the lungs, especially since they dry out in the winter. Since it is super cold outside, our bodies are also generating lots of heat inside, so this ingredient is super helpful in reducing "heat" in the body. Best for those with dry cough and want to nourish their Yin in the colder months, 2-3 times a week!


Ingredients for [ 2 ] Servings
25 g white ear fungus, 8 Chinese red dates, 10 goji berries, 70 g pure rock sugar, 1/2 asian pear (peeled and cubed)


[1] soak snow white ear fungus in a large bowl of warm water until it is soft
[2] once gelatinous, cut off the yellow ends 
[3] in a large soup pot, combine everything (set goji aside). add clean water so it rises 2 inches above the white ear fungus. 
[4] bring water to a boil and cook for at least 40 minutes
[5] add goji berries and pear cubes, simmer for another 5-7 minutes until pear is soft and tender. 
[6] Enjoy warm, or at room temperature  

Pro tip: make a big batch, and store it in the fridge in a a few 1 L mason jars. Take them out and leave at room temp when you're ready to eat! 

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