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Two of the most common women's health related topics that float through the Sun clinic:how do I manage the side effects of birth control and how do I deal with this burn-out. 

"I'm taking birth control because my doctor said this is the only way to control my period."

I'm at a loss of words with how our Westernized society does not offer more natural options to help women with monthly care. When I hear this I see myself stretching out my hands in offering, cupping a bowl of herbs from the earth that know exactly how to heal and help all women for this. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers personalized, gentle, and natural ways to restoring a woman's cycle, which arguably is one of the most fundamental homeostatic functions to the female body. More on this later.

After spending half my post-college life working in corporate, halfway through my career, I noticed this working style was literally burning me out. 

It burnt me out.

What happens when you leave a pot of water on the stove for too long and there's no more water? It's also burnt out. The same is happening to your body.

In Chinese Medicine, this effect could also be described as excessive heat, rising heat, or more technically, Yin deficiency, which results from literal liquids burning out inside of your body.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we know there always needs to be a balance of Yin and Yang. So the very concept of burn out is quite relevant to Chinese medicine. More on the importance of Yin-Yang balance on my other post here.

Yin, is the feminine, the inside, the dark side to the moon, the blood between our vessels nourishing us. So when Yin is replenished, one can say there is nothing left to nurture us, we're depleted. 

The way Traditional Chinese Medicine honor's Women goes far beyond the practices of Western medicine and most of modern day society. There are various pre-menstruation rituals, seasonal food practices, cultural teachings, and a whole slurry of herbal medicines dedicated specifically to each phase of a woman's life.

Especially when it comes to Food as Medicine, functional food therapy places a heavy emphasis on blood strength, Yin nourishment, pre and post-natal nutrition, and so much more.

A healing that truly honors all women, a medicine that know's we're not the same, yet can offer a healing and helping hand for whenever she's in need.

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Josie Pean
Josie Pean

janvier 21, 2022

This is awesome, Sun! Cant wait to learn more.

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