by Jennifer Sun August 03, 2020 3 min read

Disconnected. The way we treat our bodies today is far from holistic or rooted in intention.

On my own personal quest to finding a way to being well and self-discovery, I have been introduced to many different services and offerings that claim to bring XYZ relief.

Without understanding the CONNECTION to the ailment itself, can you honestly say you are making the best decision when it comes to self-healing?

New-age products and spiritual systems are flooding the wellness space, offering alignment and restoration for the many disconnected bodies we see today.The problem with many of these new offerings is the tendency to combine multiple ancient traditions.

Naturally, we are far more globalized than our ancestors thousands of years ago. But in the span of a century, are we going to demolish what was studied and crafted for thousands of years?

As a mentor has once said, "Mixing two traditions is to not understand the tradition in the first place."

This speaks true to the birth of Sun for Soul. Before I launched our first product, I was distinctly appalled at some of the "adaptogenic" powders I found in the market. I remember calling my dad (Dr. Sun) from my tiny Brooklyn apartment - super worked up about the ingredients I saw in one of the well-established-powder-touting-products, selling for 90$ a jar claiming Yin benefits.

Okay - fine, the Yin word becomes popular because this fan-based company is selling popular powders so people are catching a desire for Yin. But doesn't that then falsely educate or suggest to consumers what "Yin" actually means?

Yin is inner, feminine, fluidity, nutritive; Yang is outer, masculine, fire and dry, and expansive. In Ancient Chinese Philosophy, the Yin-Yang system is used to describe the opposite yes interconnected forces seen in the natural world.

I read the ingredients of this $90 Yin powder to Dr.Sun. Listed were a combination of chinese herbs for qi support, ayurvedic herbs for blood strength, and other indigenous herbal ingredients to North America.

He quickly responded with: well those additional non-chinese herbs are duplicative and can create too much "heat" for the body. Maybe it will be too hot for some people, causing constipation, dry mouth, sleeplessness.

So why is a "Yin" product now being sold with herbs for heat when this is completely contradictory?

I knew I had to respond to the market with something that was based on thousands of years of practice with the intention of actually keeping it that way.

So what's the bottom line? While the interest in self-diagnosis for balance has been on the rise, the way I see many people who navigate the "vitamin" world is similar to navigating the "chinese herbal" world. Specific vitamins do bring very targeted benefits, in Chinese medicine, one cannot simply "amazon" search herbal ingredients to achieve the same effects because it doesn't work this way.

If you are seeking a way to embark on a way to improve your vitality using a traditional ancient practice, I encourage you to join my mission with Sun for Soul. We take a holistic approach that respects the original teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which practices a formulaic approach to herbal healing.

If you are interested in learning more about how to balance your body using Traditional Chinese Medicine, feel free to say hello!

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