Connecting to the Body through Imagery + Dreaming | Sunday April 23 @ 13:00-15:30

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Our body is always speaking to us in images.
This visual language can be easy to miss when we are awake – when we sleep, we see it as dreams.  While sleeping and awake, dreams and images send us little messages – telling us where we might be blocked or showing us patterns that might need healing, including those that show up as health issues. 

We can think of ourselves as operating with four simultaneous 'bodies': physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  An imbalance in any of these creates an imbalance in all of them.  Conversely, repairing one brings repair to all.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, healing starts from understanding the body.  Practitioners identify patterns - not symptoms - to understand and open blocks and restore the body to health on all levels. 

When we are in dialogue with our bodies - for example, learning to understand it through images and dreams - we can become active participants in their own healing, helping both practitioner and Self to move more intentionally through the healing process.  

In this interactive workshop, Bonnie Buckner (Ph.D) shares an introduction to how to develop an imagery and dreaming practice that enables you to better communicate with your body. By connecting to your own inner visual dialogues, you can become more present to how you feel about what’s going on within your bodies. 

About Bonnie Buckner Ph.D

Bonnie has been teaching dreaming and imagery to individuals and organizations around the world for almost twenty years. She has brought this transformative work to such diverse fields as leadership, government, the performing and creative arts, and academia. 

Bonnie’s academic work centers on the study and use of images as cognitive tools for behavioral change, and as the means by which we build communities, society, and culture. She is a Senior Fellow at George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership and Co-Faculty Director in their e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification program. Bonnie is a PCC ICF credentialed coach, and a certified Imagery Practitioner for the School of Images. Bonnie is the founder of the International Institute of Imagery and Dreaming (IIDI).

Bonnie is a former adjunct lecturer for Fielding Graduate University in their doctoral and master in Media Psychology and Social Change programs and has spoken internationally on various topics of the imagination, cognition, and role of images in media and society. You can find more detailed background information about Bonnie in her extended bio here.

The International Institute for Dreaming and Imagery

The institute works with dreaming, imagery, and the spontaneous imagination as tools for transformation, creativity, personal development, connection to Self and Source, and for finding solutions to social and global challenges. The work is rooted in ancient wisdom teachings with the added vocabulary and insights of cognitive psychology, neurobiology, studies in movement and somatic practices, creativity, cognitive linguistics, phenomenology, and perceptual geography, among other scientific disciplines. IIDI works with individuals, coaches/therapists/somatic practitioners, artists and performing arts foundations, leaders, universities, and organizations.
Learn more about the institute: here

Connecting to the Body through Imagery + Dreaming | Sunday April 23 @ 13:00-15:30

Date & Time: Sunday April 23 13:00-15:30 
• 13:00 Walk in 
• 13:30 Intro to Dreaming & Imagery
• 14:30 Tea + snack break featuring Sun for Soul - Limited Edition - Dream Tea
• 15:00 The Dreaming Body and Healing
• 15:30 Q&A

Location: Willemstraat 171, 1015JC Amsterdam 

    The fine print:

    • This class is limited to 15 participants. 
    • All participants will receive a Sun for Soul - Limited Edition - Dream Tea 
    • All participants receive 20% discount on Dream Yourself into Being - by Bonnie Buckner(this book is currently not available for purchase online)
    • If you are not able to join the class you are welcome to gift the session to a friend. All purchases are final.
    • For additional questions, please email: