Nutrition and Food Therapy Consulting

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 Using the principals of dietary therapy and Chinese Medicine, I can help you manage internal or long term health problems through dietary guidance. Each food (fruit, grain, meat, vegetable, seasoning) has a unique therapeutic characteristic. Depending on your body's constitution and health history, I will create individualized meal plans to help you with: stress, improved digestion, menstruation, immunity, and detox of weight management. A diet that is rich in seasonal, whole foods, is important to maintain, restore, and nourish the body. Where needed, we can include an herbal and/or supplement regimen to better support your short-term or long-term health goals. 

  • Initial Consultation $45 USD 
  • 3 Week Beginner's Intensive: 60 minute weekly sessions for 3 weeks
    You will be provided with unlimited access to any support or services your need $200 USD 

WHO: You, me, and Dr. Sun! Together we will work to identify how to adjust your body and eat foods to achieve balance. Medicinal herbs can also be of use, which Dr. Sun will prescribe and send to you (US only). 

HOW: During our Initial Consultation, I will send send you instructions ahead of our call to provide additional information in regards to your personal profile.
You will be asked to complete a TCM-diagnosis-based 7-Day Food Diary ahead of our first call. I will identify patterns and signs of potential in-balances to present treatment plans to achieve long term and short term goals. 

WHY: Then more we become aware of our bodies and listen to the little signals it is constantly sending us, the more proactive we can be about our health and well-being. And it starts with making conscious food choices, so we can feel good and live better!