Nutrition and Food Therapy Consulting

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Using the principals of dietary therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I help my clients manage long term health challenges through dietary guidance combined with Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine.

Each food and medicinal herb contains a unique therapeutic characteristic. By combining the two, we can create a sustainable, long-lasting TCM-based healing ritual for your needs.  During our time together, you will learn how to incorporate TCM into your life and how to manage your body's constitution with foods, herbs, and seasonal practices.  

Suitable for anyone who wants to address any of the following conditions:

  • immunity
  • stress
  • burn-out
  • insomnia
  • irregular digestion / IBS
  • menstruation irregularities (amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, etc)
  • pre-natal, post-partum
  • detox / weight management,
  • and more!


  • Schedule your Initial Consultation. You will receive instructions ahead of our meeting to provide additional information but we'll do most of the talking together (on Zoom or Google Hangouts!).
  • During our call, you will receive a tongue diagnosis and I will explain your body patterns based on your medical health history.
  • I will identify signs in-balances based on TCM diagnosis and present treatment plans (foods and/or herbal medicines) to achieve long term and short term goals. 


  • Then more we become aware of our bodies and listen to the little signals it is constantly sending us, the more proactive we can be about our health and well-being. And it starts with making conscious food choices, so we can feel good and live better!


  • Initial Consultation
    60 minute session to cover your entire medical history, your primary health concerns, and to conduct a TCM tongue diagnosis. 

  • Initial Consultation + 3  additional 45 minute sessions
    You will be provided with unlimited access to any support or services your need. Together we will work on using TCM foods, herbs, and acupressure to adjust your body and develop a ritual that's best for you.

  • Single Follow-up 45 minutes at any time you need!

Do you have any questions? Let me know how I can help! Reach me via email!