Qi Gong + Tea | Spring Special | Sunday March 26 @ 11:30-12:30

Tableau des Tailles

Enjoy a Spring Chinese Herbal Tonic and Qi Gong movement workshop with Jennifer and Jessie!  

About this Qi Gong Sequence:  Eight Silk Brocades (Ba Duan Jin) is a Qi Gong Flow sequence of eight movements that dates back to the 12th century. Originally documented as a medical Qigong to promote longevity and health, the Ba Duan Jin has been interpreted in hundreds of variations and forms. This routine follows the Daoist form, which compared to Buddhist forms, are more Yin and soft. Like all Qigong Flow forms, the Eight Silk Brocades is meant to be repeated and practiced daily as preventative medicine.

About Jessie Ying Ying Gong 

Born and raised in China, Jessie has a lasting fascination with Qigong and Taichi, a form of movement meditation. Besides her art practice, she has been practicing and giving workshops of energy work since 2018. Jessie wishes to bring body awareness and collectivity through movement, breathing and flow of energy, at the same time introduce the philosophy of Daoism and the notion of Yin and Yang.

Date & Time: Sunday March 26  @11:30-12:30

Location: Willemstraat 171, 1015JC Amsterdam 

    The fine print:

    • This class is limited to 10 participants. 
    • All participants will receive a Sun for Soul - Spring Herbal Tonic set valued at (€20)
    • Please wear light comfortable clothing and bring a pair of woolen socks
    • If you are not able to join the class you are welcome to gift the session to a friend, all purchases are final! 
    • For additional questions, please email: info@sunforsoul.com