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Seasonal Balance: Autumn Edition

50 Minute Workshop
Mondays 19:00 Central Europe Time | 1:00pm Eastern US
  • Looking for a natural way to boost your immunity for Autumn? Join us for a introduction to herbal remedies and seasonal foods to eat to prepare the body for cooler days. Learn about why the Metal Element and the Lung organ is the focus of healing for Autumn. Optional: Towards the end, we offer a LIVE tongue-diagnosis to get a personalized diagnosis from Dr. Sun for personalized recommendations.

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Healing with Food and Traditional Chinese Medicine Course

3 Weeks Course
Wednesdays 19:00 Central Europe / 1:00pm Eastern US
€68 / $80 
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  • Gain an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine terminology, how to eat with the seasons, and foods for the 5 seasons. Discover food properties, how to prepare traditional foods, medicinal natural herbs for restoring balance to the body with herbal remedies.

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    Gut Health Course

    5 Weeks Course
    Mondays 19:00 Central Europe Time |
    1:00pm Eastern US
    €175 / $210 Reserve your spot here
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine healing to restore your gut health. Learn about what your stool says about you, Western vs. Eastern medicine perspectives, why probiotics aren't the only thing you should be thinking about and how to choose the right balance of fermented foods to include your diet.
    • Discover herbal remedies to restore the gut and traditional fermented foods that have healed for centuries
    • Optional: Towards the end of this series, we offer personalized LIVE-diagnosis teachings with Dr. Sun. 

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      More information:
      • Class recordings: all classes will meet on Zoom and available for recording upon request
      • Additional information: All classes will be taught by myself, Jennifer Sun, with guest appearances by father, Dr. Sun. All classes will held on Zoom and information and printouts will be provided after each class.