Seasonal eating as we enter the second summer

Part of this ancient healing practice is eating with the seasons and sourcing your meals locally; a movement that has started in the last couple of years. While it is indeed a cause that is very helpful environmentally, I think eating only what is available to you not only allows you to appreciate the types of produce as they come into season, but also stay connected to the fruits of our earth and remind us of where we come from.


I have recently joined a farm share program with a bio-dynamic grocery store here in Amsterdam. I pay 9€ a month for a single person's week-long portion of vegetables (and/or fruits). You can pause or continue the subscription whenever you want - it's brilliant! Part of my tribulations with joining a CSA while living in New York was mostly due in part to the need to pick up the share every week, and well, you know, with intermittent travel, I was really never able to participate in.


The way many grocery shopping aisles look these days completely remove us from the elements of season; everything is always available. So should you best choose to eat for summer?


In Chinese medicine, we have reached the late summer. The element of Earth. The best foods to choose during this time are foods that are harmonizing and represent the center

So how to approach this season?
- Look for 
mildly sweet or golden foods, round, and grounding (cabbage, garbanzo beans, peas, apricots, cantaloupe, and corn, to name a few.) 
- Prepare your food as simply as possible; using mild seasonings and avoiding overly pungent taste.
- Protect your Wei Qi (stomach energy). Since the earth element is associated to the spleen and pancreas, we should focus on protecting and balancing Qi in this organ network.